The Best Coffee in the World

The Best Coffee in the World

A little known fact is that coffee is the world's second most traded commodity, falling a little short behind crude oil, coffee ranks higher than gold, silver and even natural gas.

With over 2.25 billion cups of coffee consumed worldwide on a daily basis, coffee production is a lucrative business. So which country produces the most? 

Rank Country Coffee Production (Metric Tons) Coffee Production (Pounds)
1 Brazil 2,592,000 5,714,381,000
2 Vietnam 1,650,000 3,637,627,000
3 Colombia 810,000 1,785,744,000
4 Indonesia 660,000 1,455,050,000
5 Ethiopia 384,000 846,575,000
6 Honduras 348,000 767,208,000
7 India 348,000 767,208,000
8 Uganda 288,000 634,931,000
9 Mexico 234,000 515,881,000
10 Guatemala 204,000 449,743,000


Brazil takes the title as the number one coffee producer, with a staggering 2.59 million tons and is responsible for over a third of all total coffee production in the world.

It's all well and good being the top producer but how does Brazilian coffee rank in terms of taste? From a study in which 1,229 coffees from around the world were harvested from 2010-2018 and graded by professional tasters (certified by the Coffee Quality Institute). Each coffee was graded by it's aroma, flavour, acidity, body, balance and more, and given a score out of 100.

Rank Country Average Rating
1 Ethiopia 84.88
2 Kenya 84.31
3 Uganda 84.05
4 Colombia 83.11
5 El Salvador 83.05
6 Costa Rica 82.79
7 Thailand 82.57
8 Indonesia 82.57
9 Brazil 82.41
10 Tanzania 82.37

Africa takes the top three spots, with Ethiopia coming in first at an impressive 84.88 out of 100. As the top rated country for coffee and being the fifth largest supplier, it has to be argued that Ethiopia is the best coffee country in the world.

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